Thank You

Thank you for participating in the Auction held for Broward County Fleet Services by the National Auction Company.
The Auction ended at 3:00 P.M on Monday, June 8.



  1. Please remember this auction was conducted subject to confirmation of all top bid prices by Broward County Fleet Services.
  2. Once the auction closes and top bid prices are confirmed, National Auction Company will notify you.
  3. Notifications will take place via e-mail to the address you supplied at the time of Bidder Registration.
  4. National Auction Company will also provide all confirmed top bidders with an invoice that shows the Lot Number, Description of the Vehicle and Top Bid Price.
  5. A copy of all invoices will be sent to Broward County Fleet Services so they will have a copy at the time you arrive to pay for any vehicle.
  6. All payments are to be made at Broward County Fleet Services 3 which is located at 1600 NW 31 Avenue, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069. Payments can be made between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 P.M. ONLY.
  7. Payments will be accepted in the form of credit cards, cash and approved business checks.
  8. Upon arrival at Fleet Services, please park in the parking lot located on the right side of the entrance.
  9. Please come through the walkthrough gate and follow the traffic cones to the Service Writer’s area.
  10. The National Auction Company invoice will be marked PAID.
  11. Once payment has been made, Purchasers will proceed to the next window to receive Motor Vehicle Titles, Keys, Bill of Sale and Auctioneer’s Clerking Record.
  12. The Auctioneer’s Clerking Record is needed for removal of all vehicles from Broward County property. This form has been prepared in four parts and will follow the vehicle until it leaves Broward County property.
  13. Once payments (s) are made and documents received, you will be escorted to the vehicle by a Broward County Fleet Services Staff member. Broward County Fleet Services will provide assistance with jump-starts and airing tires, as needed.
  14. Repair work is not permitted on Broward County property.
  15. Purchasers must stop at the exit gate and provide documentation to verify the correct vehicle is being taken.
  16. If you are planning to use Tow Trucks for the removal of vehicles, please make certain a copy of the Auctioneer’s Clerking Ticket has been provided to the driver.
  17. Purchasers are encouraged to remove vehicles as soon as possible. Neither Broward County or National Auction Company is responsible for damage taking place while a vehicle is being stored and after the time payment has been made.

Payments must be made on or before Monday, June 15
All vehicles must be removed on or before Wednesday, June 17

Contact information for George Richards is:
Cell: (954) 658-5033

Mailing Address: 7958 Pines Boulevard #506, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024
Office Address: 1900 SW I00 Avenue, Miramar. Florida 33025
561.364.7004 • 954.658.5033 •