Q & A

How many items can I bid on?

You may bid on as many items as you wish to. Please be aware if you are the top bidder, you will be expected to pay for everything you bid on.

If you bid on more than one item and are declared to be the top bidder, on, as an example, three items, you will be expected to take all three of them and pay for them. If you really only want or need one vehicle, please only bid on the one that best fits your needs.

As indicated in the Terms & Conditions of Sale, the items included in the auction are being offered Subject to Confirmation by Broward County. That simply means Broward County has the right to accept or reject top bids received.

Proxy bidding places bids on your behalf at the lowest possible increments. Simply enter your maximum bid (the highest amount you are willing to pay). You can return to the item and increase your maximum bid amount at any time. The goal of proxy bidding is for you to win the auction at the lowest possible price. Your maximum bid is only placed when another bidder also bids up to that amount. Bids will increase based on the bid increment set for the auction. Therefore, the current bid will equal the former bid plus the bid increment. If multiple people have the same proxy bid amounts set at the end of the sale, the first person to place the proxy bid will win the auction.

Sniping is when a bidder tries to outbid the existing winning bidder at the last possible second. "Anti-Sniping" settings on our auctions try to discourage this practice by extending the auction times when a bid comes in within the last few minutes of an auction.

There is a 7% Buyer’s Premium and Florida Sales Tax will be added to all items applicable. Sales Tax in Broward County is 7% on the first $5000 of an item, and 6% on anything over $5000 of an item. Tax on vehicles is charged based on the county the title will be registered in.

You will be emailed a notification that you have "Won" the item. The sale needs to be confirmed with Broward County. Then you will receive an e-mail from the National Auction Company containing an Invoice which indicates the amount you owe. If Broward County does not approve the sale we will be in contact with you.

All payments must be made at Broward County Fleet Services, 1600 NW 31 Avenue (Blount Road), Pompano Beach, Florida 33069. Parking is available at Fleet Services. Once you enter the parking lot, turn right, and park in designated places. The parking lot will be marked by traffic cones directing you to the Cashier Office.

Please remember this is an active Service Facility and care must be taken in watching for other vehicles.

Payments can be made daily from 10:00 A.M until 3:00 P.M. All payments must be made no later than June 12, 2020.

Payments can be made by Cash, Money Order, Certified Check, or Cashier's Check. All checks should be made payable to the National Auction Company, Auctioneer's Escrow Account. Personal and Corporate Checks will be accepted when accompanied by a current bank letter that guarantees payment for purchases made at this auction.

Please contact the Auctioneer, George Richards at 954.658.5033.